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Beth has been playing the violin for 33 years.  Her classical training began at the age of four, and continued through her years at Bennington College, under the tutelage of renowned soloist and chamber musician Diane Pascal.  During her high school years, Beth discovered her gift for improvisation, and received widespread acclaim with her eclectic quartet, “String Beam”.  This led her to explore many genres of music; folk, gypsy, African, flamenco, jazz, and funk.

Beth has performed and recorded with artists of all kinds, and is noted for her soulful melodies and her ability to fit beautifully into a wide variety of musical settings.  Additionally, she has been teaching the violin privately to both adults and children for over 19 years.

  Beth’s passion for natural medicine and yoga have led her to approach music as a vehicle for healing, and she seeks to share this “essence” with every stroke of her bow.  She draws from her diverse musical background and life experience to create a unique sound, infused with her personal brand of magic.

Beth lives in Tucson, AZ, where she recently released a duo album with guitarist Domingo DeGrazia. This disc, entitled “The Bluest Sky”, is a fantastic example of her diversity as a violinist. She shows her unique ability to glide from upbeat pop tunes to deeper, brooding melodies, throwing her heart and soul into every story being told. Beth is a prominent member of the Tucson-based flamenco fusion ensemble, “Domingo DeGrazia Band”.

Beth has also been performing with the guitar duo, Reno del Mar. After sitting in with Mark and Phil at the Tucson hotspot, Plush, Mark and Phil wasted no time in inviting Beth to join the team. Reno del Mar has composed nearly 200 songs in many styles including bossa nova, tango, blues, and straight-out melodic beautiful music. Their influences include Ry Cooder, Pat Metheny, Grateful Dead, John Scofield, Django Rheinhardt and Duke Levine.
(The music of Reno del Mar was played on the Space Shuttle Discovery; it has also been featured on NPR and played live at many gatherings, large and small.)

Most recently, Beth has become engaged to be married to her guitar-playing lover, Phil Lipman. Their home is essentially a playground for musicians, and has become a gathering place for impromptu jams, good food, and good fun.  Phil worked with Beth to record and produce her brand new release, “The Shape of Spirit”, which features her original compositions and first foray into a new genre…. super hot, chill-out grooves.

Beth enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, cooking crazy meals, spending time with friends and family, laughing, and… making music.

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