What is The Shape of Spirit?

Here is my invitation to you. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Where do you go? What do you feel? Breathe more… inhale…. exhale… inhale… exhale.

Can you sense the entire universe within yourself?

What does your heart say to you, when you trust it to speak, when you listen quietly for it…. Can you feel the boundaries of your physical body, of your emotional body, softening… becoming more permeable? Yes, it is vulnerable.  within that vulnerability, what do you feel?

What is the shape of your spirit?

I created this album, The Shape of Spirit, to serve as a bridge between the outer world, the world of the senses, and the inner world, the world of the spirit. It is a dance between my violin and the sweet guitar strumming of my fiancee, Phil Lipman. Friends Sam Eagon and Nathan Sabatino added deep bass grooves and percussion elements. Many of the tracks are first-take performances, in an effort to capture the uncapturable, to harness what is Raw, Real. It is a humble offering, from my soul to yours… 


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5 Responses to What is The Shape of Spirit?

  1. Don Nakano says:

    We have enjoyed your music at Luminaria this year and look forward to more of your CDs!

    • Beth says:

      Excellent! Thanks~ my other band, Reno del Mar, will have a cd coming out this first half of 2012… Domingo and I will have another shortly thereafter.

  2. Bob Faitz says:

    Love your music and want to attend your concerts, etc.

  3. Ron Kovatch says:

    I met you the thursday at yoga oasis.
    I was the emotional person. The raw beauty of your the marriage of you and your violin was overwhelming to me.
    I am an artist and once asked the question “where is the soul located in our bodies?” through a series of abstract drawings and sculptures. The notion is not very different than what is the shape of spirit.

    Is this music available or accessible to the public? I am willing to buy it if you have CDs.

    More than I can express in words, the first yoga class I took with you was positive, challenging and cathartic. Ginny and I will be there today. Thank you.

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